Monday, December 20th, 2010

Welcome to V3.0. Another bloody website. Another bloody re-write. But thankfully, not just another bloody holding page 😀

I released V2.0 in november 2009 to help with my freelancing efforts. Since then i’ve taken a full-time position as a visual designer at, and my website has been become more of a test bed for things i was learning and experimenting with. Which meant a lot of different holding pages, and no real substance. There was one new iteration i designed & built during April/May time, but decided to scrap it before adding the majority of content. I enjoyed building it, and learned a lot so i didn’t feel bad about killing it at the last hurdle. Guess it’s how Blizzard games must feel a lot of the time 😉

So what’s new? Content! This site will serve as my portfolio, design blog and personal hub for myself on the web. I will be updating it regularly with new work, blog articles (read: sometime rants). Design & build wise, it’s been designed to be fluid, taking advantage of different screen sizes, from beasty displays, right down to mobile devices and tablets. This was built on the CSSgrid system, and is all powered by WordPress.

I’m going to be developing it further in the next few weeks, but if there’s something not working for you, or something you think could be improved, please send me an email through the contact form. I’m still testing in IE so please bear with me on that. Don’t bother telling me about IE6 though, i don’t support it 🙂

oh, and to celebrate the launch, i’ll be giving out a dribbble invite in a post next week 😀