Friday, February 3rd, 2017

It’s relatively easy to keep focussed when working for a company, at a desk, in an office, but when you’re your own boss I find it’s a bit harder…

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Over a year ago Lisa Barrett and myself decided to stop putting off our idea of a big holiday in South East Asia and actually book it.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Email can be an intrusive distraction from real work, but only if you let it.

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

All projects have ups and downs, but the best way to avoid pitfalls is to begin the project with the right foundations. Here’s a few tips from my years working with clients.

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

That went quickly, but thankfully really damn well, so here’s a few thoughts which may help out if you’re on the fence of going self employed.

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

I created a poster design for one of my favourite film quotes, and for one of my favourite films.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

After a relatively small amount of time at McCann, I felt the time was right to pursue something new and re-kindle my love for my craft.