Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

I have been designing and crafting front-end experiences for clients big and small in the web, mobile and applications industry for 8 years. I’ve worked for 3 very different agencies. One was product focussed in a then small market, one very small with a great attitude to work, and one very large advertising agency with a vast range of clients. And now I’m founding my own studio and going it alone to work with other companies on a contract basis and work with clients directly. My studio is called Design by Glass… or just Glass for short.


What does the word glass mean to me?

Honest & truthful.

This is true for both how I work, and the work produced. At the source of everything created is a deep understanding of the brand, company or product, which results in better, more representative work. Honesty is also the best policy for everyone involved in the process.

Clear & simple.

When the understanding of a problem is clear, the design solution is free to be executed in the most simple, elegant way possible. Simplicity and ease of use is of paramount importance when working with websites and apps in ensuring they provide a good user experience.

Form & function.

Design is all about form, but underneath the surface there is always a considered function, which is at the core of any creative solution. Everything which is designed goes beyond being skin deep and will always hold a benefit and purpose for the user.

Tangible & digital.

Creative harmony between the physical and digital world is the key to a successful brand. A website or app must be consistent with the idea and tone of voice of a brand giving the user the same experience whether they are reading a restaurant’s menu, visiting their website or receiving an email.


I have a new website in the works, but I need it to be right, so I’m not going to say it’ll be ‘coming soon’ because the likelihood is that it won’t. For now though feel free to get in contact if you think I could help you with a project, or share the word.