Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Our plan was pretty simple; Fly to Bangkok then make our way through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, before returning back to England via Bangkok. We had the first 10 days booked, but everything else was left pretty open ended except for a rough plan on the places we wanted to visit. Neither of us had done anything like this before, and whilst initially a little nervous, we quickly got into the flow of booking travel and accommodation and loved the freedom it gave us.

We  decided to create and keep a blog of everything, so instead of reiterating everything here again, you can head over to it and check it out:


I will be writing up an overview of tips and info about our trip, such as costs, what we’d do differently and what not/to bring etc, but I’ll post that separately soon. In short though, if you’re thinking about doing it, just do. You won’t regret it!