Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Following on from 2012’s great year of firsts and findings, I wasn’t sure how 2013 could beat it… it most definitely did though. Like 2012, I carried on my ambition to visit new places and experience new things, and also grew as person. I became happier. More open-minded. and, much more confident in myself and what I do. Amongst all this, me and my girl Lisa became closer and created some truly brilliant memories.

I’ve likely forgotten about some of the things which made 2013 so great, but here’s a list of my year.

  • Overall, I took more photos of what I did, and appreciated having these memories there to look back on.
  • I used Twitter less, and this was a good thing.
  • I launched The Hamburg Times… but have since not found the time or drive to do much else with it, sadly.
  • Over the year I took on a handful of freelance projects for friends, and enjoyed this more than drudging away on long-winded personal projects.
  • My work for the Dozens & Trails app, and numerous other things for the Library of Birmingham was launched.
  • Me and Lisa visited new places in England, such as Stratford upon avon, Oxford,  Filey, and numerous rolling hills and countryside of the Black Country and Shropshire.
  • As part of this traveling, I treated lisa to 3 days ‘glamping‘ in Norfolk for her birthday, which was one of the most peaceful and perfect holidays I’ve ever had.
  • We went to the Cheltenham Design Festival which was interesting, although the mad dash from a curry house to the station to catch the last train was the most memorable moment.
  • We went to Wales for a day of mountain walking, beach lazing and ridiculously sweet icecream.
  • Suffering a knee injury or some sort mid-way through the year, my running and planned half-marathons took a hit. After a few months off, I was fully healed by November.
  • I added two new tattoos to my roster.
  • My dad and myself went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the first time, and it was brilliant.
  • I felt like one of the family when I had the pleasure of joining Lisa in witnessing her sister Laura and Craig get married.
  • We holidayed with my parents in Spain with Lisa, and visited some beautiful landscapes and places.
  • I was invited to Camp Nothing; a weekend event hosted by Good For Nothing, where I committed to starting the Birmingham chapter with Lisa, and met some amazing people.
  • …and after the above arranged the first GFN Birmingham social/introduction, which
  • I was honoured to be asked to be best man by my good friend Ben, who’s marrying his fiancee Ellie in June this year. Also agreed to create some invites and an accompanying website too.
  • Lisa surprised me on my birthday with a long weekend in Rome, which was predictably awe inspiring.
  • Had an ideal festive break with my family and Lisa’s, and spent the New Year watching the fireworks in Birmingham with some friends & family.



2013 was pretty great for a lot of reasons. I guess the biggest change for me in 2013 was how I became a lot more confident with myself, and became less depressive. A big part of this was spending more time with friends, family and meeting new people, and realising that these human connections mean so much more than slaving over personal projects or spending time alone.

In 2014 I want to carry this trend on and further my attempts at rejecting intrusive technologies which may un-knowingly make me un-happy. As usual, not so much a list of what I want to achieve

  • Carry on running, become stronger and get myself back up to the fitness level I was at pre-injury.
  • Gain more muscle mass.
  • Use my phone less. I really don’t need to be checking it as often as I do.
  • Keep in better contact with family and friends.
  • See more of the world.
  • See more of the island I live on.
  • Plan weekends and time-away in advance.
  • Buy less.
  • Have computer-free days.
  • Slow things down.
  • Worry less.
  • Enjoy & embrace silence.
  • Keep doing more which scares me.

2014, it can only get better.